Three Beards Brewing is the product of endless experimentation, hope, despair and just about everything in between. This whole clusterf*^k began sometime between 2011 & 2012 in the depths of a dusty basement. It was a very simple time filled with nonchalant brewing practices and casual pints.  Quickly it accelerated to brewfests, homebrew competitions and headaches.  After gaining a faithful local following we were fortunate
enough to share a like-minded goal with opening a 
brewery with the folks at Spyglass Ridge Winery.  While
there are many gaps to this story which can be
discussed over a frosty pour, it all ferments down to we
have opened a craft beer lovers paradise overlooking
some of the most beautiful ground in central 
Nate Badman
Matt Reinard
Levi Strouse

Hours of Operation

CLOSED (under construction)

109 Carroll Rd. Sunbury, PA 17801
‪(570) 392-6928‬  --- Contact Us

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