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Captain's Log 6/21/21

Thursday 6/24 we are happy to announce our weekly Quizzo get together. Starts at 7pm. Assemble the finest minds of your generation and prepare to be destroyed by 14 year old internet geniuses. JK and 14 yr olds need to be accompanied by a legal guardian. Maximum team size of 6, and 21+ to drink of course. Our wonderful host will be Jon Gresh from Jon Mackey's Quizzo.

Friday 6/25 we are CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC for the Blackberry Smoke concert. Its going to be a fine night of crunchy southern rock and cold beer. If you haven't got your tickets yet head over to and get yourself some.

Saturday and Sunday we're open regular hours with an updated menu to follow.

Last week was awesome guys. Thank you all that came out. We do realize we were a bit overrun Friday night which led to some poor customer experiences. We've taken the suggestions to heart and continue to try to improve in every aspect that we can.



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